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  • Civil Engineering



    Our company specializes in both small and large-scale civil engineering projects. By the judicious choice of our partners, such as subcontractors and suppliers, as well as our competent, dynamic and multidisciplinary employees, Charex is proud to deliver comprehensive wide-span projects. By performing quality work and meeting deadlines, we aim to become the #1 leader in our field. We know how to meet the requirements of our clients whether they are a municipality, a ministry, a private company or an individual.

    Our fleet of equipment is new and properly maintained to perform our jobs efficiently. For the transport of materials and equipment, we have at our disposal 10-wheel trucks, 12-wheel trucks, semi-trailer dump trucks and loaders. We attach great importance to the choice of our heavy equipment to provide our teams with all the tools they need to perform high quality work. We are confident that all your projects can be realized thanks to our high-level
    equipment: shovels of different calibers, ram, roller and water trucks. In addition, our heavy equipment operators use the 3D control system to achieve the most accurate leveling.

    • High quality jobs
    • Respect of deadlines
    • Customized turnkey solutions